Late July Update

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So FINALLY I got into TCC. After dealing with the impossible old women behind the admissions desk they found my paperwork to be sufficient. I still need to call and complain about them. I’ve never felt so unwanted, nay insulted, by someone. The woman I dealt with was just rude. If you’re ever in the admissions office at TCC don’t talk to the black lady.

Anywho! I got a new bike frame, pachow! It’s a Pake (pronounce Pah-kay, though a lot of times just pake). It’s purrrdy I’ll post pitchas in a bit. (See picture number 16 on their website slideshow.)

I’ll be moving out of my god-for-saken apartment in a week and into a shiny new, ok, not shiny, more like old and musty, but loved and well lived in, house. With Greg and Kevin. The house is called DIYNO house, yes the house has a name, and it’s awesome. There is a painting of a dinosaur outside. I am very excite. Plus Alison and her roomies will be in the backyard (through the bamboo forest!).

I had an interview at Music Masters today. It’s a Ken Stanton-esque place. I’m stoked. The managers seem like cool guys (a cool boss, what?) and my interview went well. All my music recording experience is good for something!

Savannah Bike Polo Friendlies this weekend as well as going to Jax with Alison for a few days.

More fun than the law should allow (I wonder where Mr. Boton is nowadays.)


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I feel like a trained animal
jumping through hoops
for false hopes.

My dreams hanging by a thread
strung by ambition
blinded by misinformation.

Three steps forward… Two steps back.

Homesickness swells;
swallowed, dry, and itchy.

Second thoughts?


Can they stop me?

Will they stop me?

I will reap what I have sown.
There is no going back.

It matters not how strait the gate,
how charged with punishments the scroll,
I am the master of my fate,
I am the captain of my soul.

Fuck you State of Florida
You can’t get rid of me now.


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Apologies for the EDIT in that last post. As you could have figured out, FSU called me back to take away my admission. Freaking Indian givers.

Alas. Community college for a semester then I’ll hopefully transfer in. Oh five year plan, how you’re looking like a blessing at this point.

I’ve been listening to a lot of Leo Kottke lately. His music makes me homesick, but in a different way. I don’t have any memories of listening to acoustic jams at home, but his folky picking reminds me of NPR. That always transports me back into the stool at the kitchen counter at home. Reminds me of blue and white plaid and darkly stained hardwood floors. Of overweight animals and freshwater breezes.

I’m in a happy place. I’ve found a lovely group of friends. I don’t hate my job (just my boss, but who doesn’t?). I love Alison Joy Mabee. I love riding my bike. I love working on bikes. I have a new house waiting for me in a matter of months. Stress is low. Smiles are high.

It may be Leo’s pickin’ and groovin’ just filling my head with serotonin though.

Well…….. Shit.

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So… I didn’t get into the School of Music. Oh well. I kind of figured. Playing against all the performance majors and the fact that my portfolio didn’t help me at all. >:/ Meh.


I got into FSU! I am a Nole! Huzah! I just have to change my major so that I can attend. That’s how transfers work, I have to be accepted into my major to get into the school. My sights are set on Art History, but only because I have the right prereqs to get into it. I don’t, by any means, want to graduate with an Art History degree. Work at a museum or some shit. Blah. I’m thinking I’ll take Art1000 while an Art History major, then change to a Studio Art major. The bigger plan being: I’ll go to FSU as an art major for my soph year. Play in the chiefs, play in a non-music major band, take music for non-major classes, AND play ultimate (yeah!) and then audition again for the school of music for 2010-2011 year.

It’s not 100% official. I have to talk to Eddie somebody about making me an Art Hist major, but I can’t see why he won’t let me. I have the grades and the required classes (2 semesters of eng and 1 of math). But as far as getting into the actual school. I’m in! :]

A tremendous weight is lifted. There is still stress to deal with down the road, but I feel like I can relax for a year at least. Ha.


p.s. Check my bike on FGG! (find #10,902)

p.p.s. Alison and I got FFXIII!! We’ve been nerding out for at least 4 hours a day.

Phase Two: Complete

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So it’s been too long. I’m sorry.

I don’t work at Momo’s anymore… it’s been quite a while actually. I was there only something like 26 days. I was fired because I “didn’t mesh.” I was heartbroken at the time, but have since learned that it was because I wasn’t cool enough. I couldn’t tell at first but Momo’s is the epicenter of the pretentious hipsters in Tally. I’m glad I was kick out. Now I know better.

Currently I am employed at Hotel Duval, “Tallahassee’s first and only upscale, boutique hotel experience,” Ooh ahh. My favorite is the “Hospitality oasis in a sea of the mundane” tagline. Though I can’t help but notice that oasis-es appear in the desert, not the sea. I’ve wanted to say something, but I don’t think the GM would smile upon a petty valet questioning the grammar of his catchphrase. Did I mention I’m a valet? Valet Captain, actually (newly promoted). I park all the bitches that come into the hotel’s cars. On a Friday night, that’s a lot of bitches.

It’s a great job, good hours, pays well. My boss is a GIANT piece of merde, but who’s boss isn’t right? I guess I’m past the point not caring anymore. I just don’t expect to get my check on time or the schedule to be posted with enough time to plan anything. I’m pleasantly surprised when I DO get stuff on time… I guess that’s like programmed disappointment or something? Whatever. I thought this was funny, and true. It’s been subsequently removed from Craigslist, but not before I printed it and hung it on my wall! It almost feels like victory.

I’ve found a rad group of kids who ride bikes around town. We call ourselves FSU Urban Cycling, though everyone from any school (or no school) is invited. We don’t care how much crabon is on your bike or how tight your Lycra is, we just like to ride our bikes. Refreshing no?

I’ve started volunteering at Krank it Up! on Mondays. It’s a bike co-op in town, much like Sopo in Atl. I finished my bike there when I first moved here. I want to repay KiU for all it’s help and I want to learn moar about bikes. Eventually, once I’ve learned how to build a geared bike up from scratch, I’ll get a key and be able to run the place on my own.

Kevin Neidorf (pronounce Ny dorf (imagine your playing world of warcraft or something))

Who doesn’t have a Facebook, making him simultaneously nonexistent and living in 2004.
Greg Linne (pronounced Line? Linny? I don’t even know)

Cool story right? I know. We’ll be moving into DIYNO HOUSE though. Which is probably one of the coolest houses in town. Right on campus too.

My audition was last Saturday. Glad that’s over. It was both not terrible and not great. It just… was. Here are both my pieces for you music fags out there:
Technical Etude (Hering: Etude IV (Based on Beethoven’s Leonore Overtures 2 & 3))

Melodic Etude (“Love Not” out of Arban’s Book)

Now we wait until March 17th-ish. Letters should be out by then. Gah. So much waiting. Always with the waiting. Any of three things could happen. I could get into FSU and the FSU School of Music (FSUSOM), I could get into FSU only, or I could get into neither. FSUSOM will reject me immediately if I don’t get into regular FSU. If neither, I’ll go to TCC, which is cool I guess. Then in 2011 I’ll be guaranteed to get into FSU. TCC has a guaranteed transfer program with FSU, which is cool i guess. I just want to play ultimate in college! I should have put that on my application (damnit).

OK, the important stuff. My bike. It’s gone major re-constructive surgery since I’ve posted last. A blue-ing and a Christmas worth of gift parts to upgrade as follows:

Nishiki Olympic 12 (now Olympic 1) frameset. Stock stem, seat post, and drop bars. No name deep-v wheelset, cog, and lockring. Driveline cranks and chainring. No name pedals and clips. All-City track grips. Custom made AJM top-tube pad! Charge Spoon saddle. Cheapo yellow rubber on the rear, Continental Ultra on the front.

In the process of building a new rear wheel. Need spokes now, but their more expensive than I thought.

I think that about sums it up. Stay tuned to the Urban Cycling blog if you care, because that’s what I’ll be up to. Otherwise I’ll wait until the next noteworthy thing happens in my life.


Changing gears

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[Brutis, my computer, decided to be allergic to any kind of browser window a few days ago. So I’ve been without internet for about a week. I like to think I’m fairly computer savvy, so it was tough on me, but I had to take him to professionals. Brutis was too sick for my at home diagnosis, but he’s better now!]

If you didn’t notice, I’ve changed the header (That thing up there ^^^ behind the title.) What used to be the ATL skyline, is now Lake Ella. I tried to keep the same lighting/ style going on and I’m pretty pleased with the result. (Not to mention Lake Ella holds a soft spot in my heart… more on that later… maybe.)

So Tallanasty, or Tallahoofy as it is coming to be known in our house, is grand, FUGGING HOT, but grand. I live in Seminole Grand Appartments.
The lighted one is my room. It’s pretty rad here, and quite hood. So it’s not much of a change from where I imagine I would have lived in Atlanta. Meaning I’m settling in quite easily.

The complex is massive, composing of 38 buildings, our building being 35 all the way in the back. It gives us a false sense of security and secludedness. Colorado street, just on the other side of the tall, black, and aggressive looking fence, is, even by my standards, pretty ghetto. Other than that I looooooove it here. There’s a killer pool and workout room. Taking advantage of that already. (Can’t get all fat now that I’m away from my ultimate team.) Winn-Dixie is within walking distance, alas no Kroger (OR QT! hatemylife!) in FL. There are tennis and sand volleyball courts too. If anyone’s moving to Tally soon, I totally recommend it.

I live with two super cool dudes.
Chris Scoggins:
and Josh Anderson:
Both of them are totally wicked guitarists (lucked out? yes I have!) and we’re already jamming together. They’re from Jax and we get along like we’ve been friends for years. It’s so great.

I think I’ve already said this, but it was a lie. The crank I had when I first got ‘er rolling was WAY to big. I had to push super hard to even get rolling. Imagine being in 16th gear all the time, even climbing hills… yea, not a good time. So I purchased a smaller crank for easier riding. But when I got it on the bike, the chain didn’t line up… didn’t line up by almost a whole inch. Bad. Really bad. That news capping an already bad day was not a good mix. That day being the day I found out I would have to take a year off from school to be eligible for residency… That day ending in tears…

But better news! There is a co-op here. The lovely folks at Krank it up were more than willing to lend me the time and tools I needed to get Jane on two wheels again. I had to do a bit of Frankensteining on the rear hub. Shifting it all the way right and taking a hacksaw to some pipe to make my own spacer. I think it adds even more of a personal touch to my ride.
Complete with new bike lock. :]

Even better news! I got a jorb! Working, for now, in the dish pit of Momo’s Pizza, on Tennessee. Hell-to-the-yes. It’s so rad. Imagine Fillini’s, but here in Tally. Complete with Giant Ass Slices. “As big as your head” as the sign states. I’ve only had one trial shift so far, but I love it. The people there are killer. The food there is killer. And the work is pretty easy… and killer. And within biking distance to my appartment. Though I have to ride down Colorado St… idk about that yet…

The only bad news is I haven’t been able to find ultimate yet. The only disc I’ve tossed was in Jax, and a bit with Alison while she was here. There IS ult here, I know it. Jbray and I played when we visited Alison for the first time. I’ve passed them playing while I was ‘splorin around. I KNOW they’re here. Just not where they say they are. I’ve driven out on two occasions to find no one, or the HS marching band, on the field. But I’m determined. The roomies and I have set up Tallahoofy Ultimate. You better come out and play if you’re in town!

It’s so wet here. I didn’t really believe when people said it rains daily, but it’s undeniable. There are always puddles, and the asphalt always has that wet smell. I can’t complain, makes it easier to practice my skid stopping. :]

I’ve been all smiles since I’ve unpacked. I love it here. Once Ali moves in I don’t think I’ll have a single thing to complain about.
Video call snapshot 35
Even eating white toast and shredded cheese for every meal doesn’t sound so bad.

The deed is done

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So it’s finally here. It’s finally gone…

I’ve done the deed. I’ve packed up ship and set sail 300 miles south to the flatlands. The FLA. And I must say, it’s been what? Almost a week now. And I do love it.

This is my little room, packed with all the necessities of life:
(Nintendo included)

After tearful goodbyes from the Mum and the Dad they drove off into the rain, headed back home. Well… their home. Not mine anymore.

Alison soon arrived (I’m cursing myself for not taking as many pictures as I should have) and wondrous adventures ensued:
-Getting kind of almost lost in sketchy-looking parts of Tally
-building purple floor lamps
-getting “we’re not hiring but always accepting applications!” from every store ever
-finding the goddamn metal cap in Mario 64

Alas the shenanigans had to end eventually, but not for long. Call it an adventure hiatus. My lovely lass moves into her own (433!(?)) apartment on the 18th, can’tcan’tcan’tcan’tcan’t wait.

Anywho, I has a few promising job interviews lined up. More on those later.
And, oh yeah, my bike… also more to come. Promise promise!